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Word Cookies – A Unique Word Puzzle Game

Word puzzles are perfect for mobile devices, testing the vocabulary of the players by inducing a sense competition amongst them. But, if you have recently searched for a word game on your mobile device, you must have realized that it’s a lot easier to count the ‘twinkling’ stars in the sky. The word game genre is flooded with an endless collection of games that are more or less same, just with different color combinations. Only a few on the top have managed to differentiate themselves and it is not hard to understand why.

Word Cookies, created by BitMango, famous for their many puzzle games, has now become one the most famous titles in this overcrowded genre of work games. With millions of download and reviews by excited users, it has managed a rating of 4.6 which only shows that it has struck the right cords in its audience. Even when BitMango has already given us some addictive yet simple puzzle games, Word Cookies is still a new one.

The thing with today’s casual games is that the developers can easily overdo many things. Yes, it does make the game more appealing and good to look at while playing, but the craze dials down rather quickly as it is replaced by a new, better-looking game with even more functionalities. After a while, they all become confusing and annoying to an extent where the users eventually uninstall them. Another major attraction for any game in the genre of word puzzles, today, is the offline mode. An engaging offline gaming experience is not something all the games offer with more focus being on the online mode. Not only does it restrict the target audience but the ‘non-real-time’ multiplayer spoil the overall experience of the game.

Word Cookies, on the other hand, is a very straight-forward game at its core, not very innovative but simple. And the best part is that it appeals to everyone in every age group around the world. The younger ones can sharpen their spellings and the elder ones can exercise their brains. The UI is again simple to navigate and the difficulty of the game increases with the levels with rushing you into them, so that you get a hang of the game and its little tricks to master it. Small gestures swipes are all we need to do. This makes it playable even while having a coffee or reading a newspaper. And once all slots are filled, the games moves to the next level. And with over 580 levels, it is not something you can finish very easily.

Cinnamon Level 7 Answer

Look at one level for example:

In this image there is provided by this website. It might have all the solutions of the game.

Word Cookies, similar to all the other cool puzzle games from BitMango, is available on multiple movie device platforms including Android, Apple and Amazon devices, and is closing on a total of 100 million downloads. Word Cookies is a simply laid out game and grows on the users with its enjoyable gameplay and sound. It a more than just a fun time waster, and has potential to get even better. Certain worth a try, as Word Cookies will surely get you hungry.

Wordbrain Game Review

Puzzle games usually do the trick when it comes to keeping the brain in check. Just by the name, the wordbrain game is a brain teaser in which you have to solve a juggled pattern of letters into the correct word.

Where to Find the Game.
Developed by MAG Interactive, wordbrain is a very popular game and you can download it for free across a variety of platforms from your iOs devices (ipads and iphones) from the Apple app store, on android devices from Google Play Store and also if you have a PC you can still download the PC version and play it.


Game Play.
As explained in the introduction, the game presents you with letters in a pattern that are juggled so you have to find the solution. The game presents you with 580 levels that are unequally distributed in ‘episodes’ which are labelled from ANT to UNICORN. The game might begin as very simple to solve but moving forward it gets more and more complex that you may thing of giving up. The reason for this is that as you start the game in ANT the letters are arranged in form of a 2 x 2 which is the simplest, this changes to a 3 x 3 then a 4 x 4, 5 x 5, 6 x 6, 7 x 7 and finally in the last ‘episode’ UNICORN it is a 8 x 8 pattern.

To play the game, you slide your finger across the letters that you desire to form a word with. You can do this in either side. Just check at the bottom of the screen and you will see the number of letters that the word is made up of. When you get the correct combination, the letters collapse to the empty spaces at the bottom of the screen I have mentioned above.

As said earlier, the game gets difficult as you progress, here you will need hints. When you begin the game, you are provided with free hints. Once they are finished you have buy hints from the app store. If you do not buy into the idea of buying hints you will be forced to dig in deeper to your brain until you find the correct combination.The question mark sign (?) at the bottom of the screen during the game acts as a guide on how to play the game. But as always there are tricks on finding fast solutions. One of them I just found and looks that have almost all answers is wordbrainsolutions.com There are answers categorized just like wordbrain app.

Other interesting sections of that are found in the game are the Fetch Puzzle and Create Puzzle. Create puzzle means you can create your own challenge and put it on your social media handles for your friends to try it out. Alternatively, you can get the codes of your friend’s puzzle and try solving it.

The game is configured to handle 15 languages therefore you can check if your language is covered.

Before we are done I would like to share with you some important details of this game. These are;
– To progress/unlock the next level you have to complete the current one.
– The game does not have lives or the sort. You are free to make as much trials as possible until you find the correct combination.
– Every level can be solved, so be ready to think or make use of hints.

Wordbrain is a brilliant puzzle game that anyone from young to old can play and enjoy. I would therefore encourage you to give it a try.